150 new cases of measles in Romania | Romania

The total number of measles cases since the outbreak began last September has reached more than 7,600

Another 150 new measles cases were confirmed in Romania last week. The total number since the outbreak of the outbreak last September has reached more than 7,600. RRA Editor-in-Chief Cristina Dumitrescu says that since September 30 last year, when the measles outbreak started, according to data from the National Center for Communicable Disease Surveillance and Control, 7,647 cases have been confirmed so far.

Only one county – Tulcea – has not reported any cases. Otherwise, the disease has spread throughout the country. Most of the cases, with more than a thousand patients, were reported in the counties of Timiş and Caraş Severin – show statistical data from the National Center for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases.

The most affected are babies and young children, up to 9 years old, unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated. More than 150 new cases were reported last week – 31 people have died of measles since the start of the outbreak, none of whom have been vaccinated.

In recent days, the Ministry of Health assured that the measles epidemic was under control, and next week the country’s public health services will receive more than 570,000 doses of the MMR vaccine, almost 200,000 more than in previous years. The only way to prevent measles is vaccination – doctors insist.

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