A footballer from FCSB and one from CFR, included by the UEFA Conference League in the top of the season

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Valentin Crețu and Karlo Muhar, included by the UEFA Conference League in the top of the season so far

After the end of the group stage, the UEFA Conference League compiled several rankings, including the players who made the most successful tackles. Karlo Muhar (CFR, with 20 interventions) and Valentin Crețu (FCSB, with 17 interventions) have been included here.

The top is led by Nicolas Gorobsov (FK Zalgiris Vilnius, with 21 tackles), former player of Poli Timisoara, ASA Tg. Mures, Concordia Chiajna and FC Voluntari.

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The best Romanian season in Europe in the last five years. Where is Romania in the UEFA coefficient rankings

  • Romania ranks 25th in Europe, ahead of countries such as Bulgaria, Slovakia and Poland.

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With the results obtained this season by the University of Craiova – qualification for the Conference League play-off, OSK Sepsi – the third preliminary round of the Conference League, FCSB – the Conference League groups and CFR Cluj – ” European Spring” in the Conference League, Romania has collected the highest coefficient in the last five years.

After the victory of those of CFR Cluj, Thursday, at home, with Balkan, score 1-0Romania reached a coefficient of 6,000, managing to surpass the feat of the 2019/2020 season, when our country collected a coefficient of 5,875.

At the same time, after the qualification of those of CFR Cluj in the “European spring”, Romania remains with a representative in Europe, a performance with which countries higher in the UEFA ranking of coefficients, such as Scotland, the Republic Czech, Croatia, Greece and Israel can no longer match the praise. All of their teams were eliminated.

  • Ligue 1 remains in 25th place in the UEFA coefficient ranking, being overtaken by Greece (20), Israel (21), Cyprus (22), Sweden (23) or Hungary (24), but on Bulgaria (26), Slovakia (27) or Poland (28).

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