A man who thought he had a cold went to the hospital anyway to get rid of his cough. Doctors gave him devastating news

A man who had cold symptoms at the same time as his family members became concerned after a few weeks of being in the same condition as all his family members recovered. When they arrived at the hospital, the doctors gave her devastating news.

As a result of investigations, doctors discovered cancer-specific formations in his lungs.

The man, Jason, went to the emergency room because he had been feeling ill for six weeks and was hoping he would only need antibiotics to ‘finally get over’ the illness, Dr Erika Kube said, emergency doctor in Mid-Ohio, in The Columbus Dispatch, quoted by Insider. An x-ray showed the man had several suspicious masses in both lungs.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 236,740 people in the United States will be diagnosed this year and 130,180 people will die from it, the American Cancer Society estimates.

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, according to the CDC. People with relatives who have had the disease may also be at higher risk, but it’s not entirely clear if this is genetically related or because they smoke or due to potential exposure to chemicals. environmental chemicals such as radon.

Jason thought he had a cold, like every fall.

The man, who had smoked since his teens, had a cough, had intermittent fevers, felt tired and fell asleep at lunch several times a week, which never happened to him, Kube said.

Jason told Kube that he and his family members had the same cold symptoms at first, and he thought it was because they caught colds every fall. They did more tests and they had no COVID.

She started to worry some time after all of hers were healed, but he continued to cough. His condition did not improve at all even after taking vitamins, starting to eat healthier and reducing his cigarette consumption. Smoking gave him “terrible coughing fits,” Kube says.

According to the CDC, symptoms of lung cancer include: a cough that gets worse or doesn’t go away, chest pain, shortness of breath, wheezing, unexplained weight loss, coughing up blood, feeling tired and lung infections.

A chest X-ray revealed a large mass in the right lung and “several small masses” in both lungs that were specific for cancer, Kube said. Jason was admitted for further testing and the diagnosis was confirmed.

When Dr. Erika Kube told him the terrible news, Jason started crying. He then told the doctor that his father had died of lung cancer, that he had tried many times to quit smoking, but couldn’t. “He knew something was wrong a few weeks ago when he saw that he was not recovering from his illness”also said Dr. Kube.

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