A new factory opens in Romania. Hiring will take place on a conveyor belt, millions of euros have been invested

Many jobs are announced for Romanians after the opening of a new factory in Romania. The foreign investor has invested tens of millions of euros in the new site, so it will need a serious workforce.

The Germans have invested 40 million euros in Timișoara. What will they produce there?

Continental, a German manufacturer of automotive electronic components, is opening a new factory in Timișoara following an investment of 40 million euros.

The Germans of Continental Automotive have completed the construction of the third electronic components factory in Timișoara, the company’s total investment in Romania amounting to two billion euros.

Production area increased

Thus, with the new factory in Timișoara, the production area will increase by more than 7,000 square meters, which means an increase of more than 60% in space.

The expansion of Continental from Timișoara means the commissioning of production lines for the latest technologies in the automotive industry.

Growing demand for electronic components

“What once meant power under the hood is now user experience. what we are doing with our new strategy of mega-factories,” said Lucian Mărgineanu, director of the automotive production unit in Timișoara.

The new factory uses modern technologies

Continental announces that the use of the latest manufacturing technologies will surely lead to high quality products and services.

“Continuing the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies represents another leap into the future. The digitization of production processes, together with the use of state-of-the-art equipment, means another step to guarantee the quality of our products and services, therefore, at the electronic components factory in Timișoara, we are focused on a sustainable future,” said Lucian Mărgineanu.

How many employees does Continental Automotive have?

Continental Automotive is one of the largest foreign investors in our country, with an amount of 2 billion euros.

“The most recent investment, over 30 million euros, was in the expansion of the research and development center in Timișoara, which was inaugurated this summer. We have grown to over 7,500 employees in Romania, and at the Timișoara site, we had more than 5,500 employees.

Timisoara, important place

This new expansion represents the work and results that our colleagues here have achieved over the years. In these challenging times globally, Continental trusts people, their experience and skills and invests in their future.

The investment in Timișoara underlines the importance of the location for the company, as well as the confidence in the quality of the products and technologies produced here,” said Christian von Albrichsfeld, director of Continental Romania.

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