A Spanish village has been put up for sale for 260,000 euros. The buyer will choose 44 houses and a swimming pool

The small town of Salto de Castro, Spain, can be purchased entirely for the price of 260,000 euros. Located in the northwest of the country, near the border with Portugal, the village has 44 houses, a church, a school and a swimming pool, included in the price.

Salto de Castro was built in the early 1950s by a company responsible for the electrification of rural areas in Spain. Workers who built a storage dam nearby were housed here. But after the work was completed, people started to leave for lack of jobs. In the 1980s, Salto de Castro was already an abandoned town.

It was then bought by a businessman in the early 2000s, who wanted to transform the village into a hotel complex. But the global economic crisis put an end to his plans and today, more than 80 years later, the owner has decided to abandon the project.

Representatives of the property company which brokered the sale told the BBC the advert had received more than 50,000 hits since it went live last week. And about 300 people, from several countries, have expressed their desire to buy.

Salto de Castro has also been put up for sale in the past, but the then asking price of €6.5m kept potential buyers away. The current price of 260,000 euros is comparable to that of a studio in a central area of ​​Madrid or Barcelona.

The announcement specifies, however, that anyone who wants to renovate the buildings or continue the project of transforming the locality into a tourist complex should invest around two million euros.

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