Adrian Mititelu, strong reaction after supporters vandalized U Craiova 1948 club headquarters

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Adrian Mititelu does not give in to pressure from supporters: “We don’t do what they want”

As a sign of dissatisfaction with the management’s decision, U Craiova 1948 ultras targeted the walls of the club’s headquarters and wrote offensive messages to Adrian Mititelu.

Additionally, fans left a funeral wreath at Adrian Mititelu’s home. The police have opened an investigation into this case.

In response, Adrian Mititelu announced that he was not intimidated by the ultras’ approach and did not want to listen to their demands.

“It’s like that in Craiova! I know they vandalized the walls, but I don’t know about the crown. What performance do the fans have, if they say we have no performance? They are unhappy that we don’t have the coach they want, that we don’t do what they want

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They are upset why we are playing in Târgu Jiu, although they came to the Hermannstadt game and cursed the team, depriving them of a positive result.

3 to 4,000 people came. Now, because I expected very low attendance, I said let’s play Târgu Jiu, to protect the team too. In Târgu Jiu, people encourage us. Well, when Croitoru was around the team started losing and Croitoru was loved.

I tried to put on several sneakers and I couldn’t put on what I wanted. So I chose the option of bringing Nicolo Napoli back. I looked at the context and put aside the arrogance and the assertions he made. I thought he at least knew everything”said Adrian Mititelu for ProSport.

Police questioned five people, after the 1948 U Craiova club headquarters vandalized

Craiova police have arrested five youths in connection with the vandalism of the U Craiova 1948 club headquarters.

“On the night of November 9-10 of this year, at around 01:50, police officers from the Craiova 1 police department together with gendarmes from the IJJ Dolj, while carrying out their duties, detected 5 young men, few time later, who would have made drawings and inscriptions on the walls of a building belonging to a club in Craiova.

Following the body control carried out on the young people, the police discovered several sprays, black and red, which were removed in order to continue the controls.

The persons in question were identified as 5 young people, aged between 15 and 22, all from Craiova and taken to the police headquarters for questioning.

From the checks, the police determined that 3 of them, namely two 22-year-olds and a 15-year-old teenager, would have made drawings and inscriptions on the walls of the building. Thus, the persons in question were fined in accordance with Law 61/1991, with a fine of 3000 lei each”, those of IPJ Dolj transmitted, according to Dolj TV.

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