Aleksandr Dughin calls for Vladimir Putin to be removed from power and killed after Kherson defeat

Far-right Russian nationalist Aleksandr Dughin, dubbed ‘Putin’s mastermind’, has broken his silence and called for the Russian leader to be removed from power and killed, writes

Aleksandr Dughin expressed his anger over Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson to Ukraine. Dugin has become the first high-profile Russian to break his silence amid growing disgust over the failed invasion of Ukraine, writes the British tabloid.

But, worryingly, the 60-year-old fascist ideologue is believed to be part of a growing group of Moscow elites calling on Putin to step up the war in Ukraine and see Kherson as a blow to Russian pride.

Shortly after posting his opinion on Telegram, angry at the Kherson pullout and fearing that many Russians would be killed there, his anti-Putin post was deleted, writes

“The king was killed in history because he failed to make rain during a drought and his stomach was torn,” Dugin wrote in a comment to Vladimir Putin.

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Dughin, speaking about the situation in Ukraine, wrote that every “true Russian” should now be saddened and “cringe in pain” because of the current situation.

He went on to explain that Russia “surrendered Kherson” and that while civilians are not unhappy with the situation in Kherson, “they are not Russians”.

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