“An Arab investor would like to invest in Dinamo”

Article by GSP – Posted on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 9:15 a.m. / Updated on Friday, November 11, 2022 at 10:26 a.m.

Constantin Anghelache (77), former president of Dinamo, delivered surprising information this morning on GSP Live. The former manager of the “dogs” claims that an extremely financially powerful investor from the United Arab Emirates would be interested in taking over the red and white club.

At a time when Dinamo wanders in uncertainty, being insolvent and still facing financial problems, Constantin Anghelache surprises: he says that a businessman from the Emirates would like to invest in “dogs”, but also issues some claims.

Constantin Anghelache, at GSP Live: “This person has tens of billions of euros in oil”

“I can reveal myself that I have been and am in contact with someone in Arabia who said three things: “I absolutely want to invest in a Romanian football club that has prospects”. And he said he was thinking of Dinamo. It happened a month and a half ago.

A hellish winter is coming for the SuperLiga » Two teams in the play-offs and the last in the standings are on the verge of collapse!


A hellish winter is coming for the SuperLiga » Two teams in the play-offs and the last in the standings are on the verge of collapse!

This person has tens of billions of oil. Where does the interest come from? Since one of his grandsons went to university in Bucharest, he was my student. He was coming to the games, and the man had this idea.

He said: “I’m not getting into this discussion until three things have happened.. Dinamo should only have one financier, I don’t care about PCH or what you’re talking about. I am interested in this club having one owner, to own 100% of the shares.

I’ll negotiate with that person and we’ll figure out how much they want. I’ll give him as much as he wants and maybe we’ll come to an agreement ‘It seems that it happened at the meeting of the 14th, when it seems that PCH would have taken 99% of the shares’, declared Anghelache, in the show hosted by Costin Ștucan.

Constantin Anghelache: “The investor asked me if he couldn’t build his own stadium”

“The second thing he wanted: insolvency to have a clear plan to pay debts to creditors. If the court approves the new organizational plan, that means that there would be two million something left, if I understand correctly. The man said that he would immediately give two million euros to the people. He told me: “I have not been interested in Dinamo since the day before yesterday. When I take over the club, I will be interested in the results from now on”.

There is also the problem of the stadium. He said to me, “I can’t talk to the Ministry of the Interior? But I can’t find 21 hectares to build my own stadium in 2-3 years?” He wants to make an investment in Romania, to invest in the construction of a sports base.

He told me that he had been to the National Arena and was surprised that such an extraordinary construction didn’t even have 500 square meters of commercial space. He said he was building his sports base and renting out commercial spaces to get extra income,” Anghelache also said on GSP Live.

Subject to judicial approval of the reorganization plan, we would become the first club to be owned in nascent form by supporters. Thanks to the new reorganization plan, we manage to get rid of the ballast shareholders of Dinamo (Lotus Perfect Products, the company headed by Dorin Şerdean) and ACSFC Dinamo (“Dinamo – Badea”).

– DDB press release, September 26, 2022

November 21, a new key date for Dinamo

The amended reorganization plan will be judged on November 21, and if it is also approved by the judge-syndic, APCH becomes the majority shareholder, with 99.17%, being for the moment only a minority shareholder, with 20.06%.

Dorin Șerdean/Lotus, the current majority shareholder, will drop from 72.87% to just 0.75%, Nicolae Badea/ACSFC Dinamo from 7.03% to 0.07%, and Cornel Dinu from 0.03 to 0.003%

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