Basarab Panduru slams FCSB players: ‘They didn’t dribble past anyone! How can they put you in the team?’


The date of publication: Friday 11 November 2022, 00:19

Update date: Friday 11 November 2022, 00:18

FCSB fielded a team made up of reserve or underperforming players in recent league matches, but among the starters were names such as Florinel Coman, David Miculescu Where Edward Radaslavescudonated in exchange for very large sums to the runner-up.

Basarab Panduru: “Coman dominated someone the whole game? How can he put you in the team?”

The former international Basarab Panduru he was not impressed with any of the players who played at Galaţi and pointed to the poor performance of Florinel Coman, who he says is affected by his status in the team.

“Football didn’t play at FCSB. I saw players you expected to dribble. They didn’t dribble anyone. I saw strong, muscular players in Ligue 2. Don’t go past a player while the match…I don’t know, Coman outplayed anybody in the whole match?

In Coman I would not insist only on this match. It seems to me that he is a guy who does not correspond to this status. Until yesterday, you made him captain, and now you send him to the reserves.

I would also look at the others. You want to play, Bouhenna, Boboc, Radaslavescu. Well, do you want to play? How do you play, what do you play? How can he get you? Who do you take from here to start the next league game?”said Basarab Panduru, at Orange Sport.

The FCSB, one step away from the elimination of the Romanian Cup

After the first two rounds of Group B, FCSB have only two points left following draws with UTA Arad (2-2) and Oțelul Galați (0-0). Bucharest players are in 4th place, and in the last round they will face FC Botoșani, away.


The gap between FCSB and the first two places, which ensure qualification for the quarter-finals of the Romanian Cup, is now four (CS Mioveni) and two points (UTA Arad).

Thus, FCSB only has a chance for second place, but the runners-up must beat FC Botoșani in the last round, and UTA Arad must not win the game against leaders CS Mioveni.

If FCSB beats FC Botoșani and CS Mioveni and UTA draw, the Bucharest and Arad teams will be tied on points (5) and the tie will be on goal difference, in which FCSB (0) is now worse than UTA (+2).

Romanian Cup Group B standings

  • 1. CS Mioveni – 6p (goal difference 2-0)
  • 2. UTA Arad – 4p (5-3)
  • 3. FC Botosani – 3p (1-1)
  • 4. FCSB – 2p (2-2)
  • 5. Galati Steel – 1p (0-1)
  • 6. Gloria Buzau – 0p (1-4)

Matches remaining to be played

  • FC Botosani – FCSB
  • CS Mioveni – UTA Arad
  • Galati Steel – Gloria Buzau

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