Big celebration in Kherson after the Ukrainian army regained control of the city. Ukrainians sang and danced in the streets at night

The Ukrainian army was received in Kherson to the cheers of the townspeople, happy to have finally escaped Putin’s invaders. Ukrainians in Kherson celebrated the liberation of the city late into the night. Photos and video clips from the key Ukrainian city show people in the streets celebrating with Ukrainian flags and singing. And President Volodymyr Zelensky hailed a historic victory against the invaders.

The LiveText that covered the events in Ukraine can be viewed HERE.

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The Kherson Dam, damaged after the retreat of the invaders

UPDATE 7:47 Significant new damage to the Nova Kahovka dam in southern Ukraine was seen following the withdrawal of invading troops from the nearby city of Kherson, according to information provided by the US Imaging Company on Friday. Maxar satellite.

Maxar said footage from Friday showed several bridges crossing the Dnieper had also been damaged.

“Satellite imagery this morning…reveals significant new damage to several bridges and the Nova Kahovka dam following the Russian withdrawal from Kherson, across the Dnieper,” according to a Maxar statement. Thus, sections of the north side of the dam and the lock gates were “deliberately destroyed”.

Earlier this week, Russia accused Ukraine of bombing the dam.

The two sides have repeatedly accused each other of planning to breach the dam with explosives, which would cause major flooding downstream and likely lead to major destruction in the area around the city of Kherson. .

Kherson was the only regional capital captured by the Russians since their war against Ukraine began in February.

Russia said 30,000 troops had been withdrawn from the area, along with around 5,000 military equipment, weapons and other items.

In the evening, the Ukrainian army announced that its troops had pushed the front line beyond the western bank of the Dnieper. The Russian troops who have so far occupied Kherson have established their positions on the eastern bank of the river.

A Kherson resident described the moment as “crushing” and said he was extremely emotional at the city’s liberation after people started singing and dancing in the streets.

“Kherson is free now, it’s different. Everyone was crying until this morning,” says Alexei Sandakov, who has so far kept his identity a secret. He added that everyone wanted to come and hug the Ukrainian soldiers.

The recapture of the city by the Ukrainian army comes after a vast counter-offensive led by the liberating forces in recent months. The government of Kyiv says it has taken over 41 settlements around the city, and in his evening speech, President Zelensky said that “the people of Kherson were waiting for us, they never gave up hope and Ukraine”.

He added that people were working to remove all “traces of the presence of the occupation” from the streets, including Russian symbols.

Meanwhile, Putin’s spokesman said he did not consider Kherson’s withdrawal a ‘humiliating defeat’, despite the fact that the Russian dictator had only just announced the territory’s annexation to Russia in a lavish ceremony.

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