China unveiled its mysterious state-of-the-art stealth planes

The crowd eagerly awaited the appearance of China’s most modern stealth aircraft, and when they took off, all the spectators who came to the Zhuhai air show rushed to take pictures of the secret aircraft of the Chinese Air Force.

It was a spectacle specially orchestrated to attract attention. The planes, so far shrouded in mystery, have been presented to the Chinese public and the world, writes Sky News.

The Zhuhai Air Show was a celebration of the entire Chinese air force, from the most basic equipment to those that are combat-ready.

In addition to exhibits presented by companies in the aviation industry, there were also demonstrations by China’s aerobatic team, featuring state-of-the-art drones and the flight of the first domestically-built airliner.

J-20 stealth fighter aircraft. Photo: Profimedia Images

It was an event deeply marked by the military element, organized at a time when the world is increasingly fearful of the capabilities and intentions of the Chinese military.

“China is showing the world that it is a very strong country,” said a retired colonel who served in the Chinese military for more than 20 years. “This means that we can not only defend our national territory, but we can also defend our national interests outside the country.”

Many fear those “interests” include taking over Taiwan, a long-held dream of President Xi.

Message from Beijing: We are ready for war

China sent more fighter jets to Taiwan on Tuesday than this summer: 31 planes crossed the “median line” – the unofficial maritime border between the two states.

The J-20 stealth jets on display in Zhuhai were generally kept away from the public, and the reason Beijing has now lifted the mystery surrounding its latest-generation jets may be because the authorities want to send a message: their army turned into a single modern one capable of waging international war.

It’s unclear whether Beijing could carry out an invasion of Taiwan, but by staging the Zhuhai air show, it’s clear the authorities want to demonstrate they’re ready to launch an attack if they deem it necessary.

Publisher: Raul Nețoiu

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