Dan Petrescu’s favorite from CFR Cluj has announced his retirement! Ovidiu Hoban’s announcement

Ovidiu Hoban (39), the favorite of Dan Petrescu from CFR Cluj, has announced his retirement.

The veteran of the Gruia team announced after the match won with Dumbrăvița, score 5-0, that he would retire at the end of the 2022-2023 season.

Ovidiu Hoban said he could still play, although he is 39 years old, but he wants to put on his boots.

Dan Petrescu’s favorite from CFR Cluj has announced his retirement

Ovidius Hoban, the footballer who was also wanted by the FCSBwas asked if it was possible to stay in Dan Petrescu’s team, and the footballer confirmed the fact that he had received such a proposal from the “Badger”, but did not give a definitive answer.

“Hoban can still play until the summer. It’s not that I can’t anymore, it’s that I don’t want to anymore. The decision is 100% sure. I don’t know, I’ll have time until “In the summer. My football story is going to end. I don’t know, it’s premature to talk about it. We talked about it, but now I’m focusing on football and we’ll see what happens.” said Ovidiu Hoban at the end of the match won by CFR Cluj with Dumbrăvița, score 5-0.

Dan Petrescu wants Ovidiu Hoban on the football pitch even at 40

Dan Petrescu also spoke about Ovidiu Hoban’s decision and said he would like the footballer who turns 40 in December to play for CFR Cluj.

“I think he should play more, age doesn’t matter. He’s serious, he’s training, I don’t see why he wouldn’t play. As many times as we put him on and we needed it, it helped us. I would like him to play more because he would help us more,” said Dan Petrescu.

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