Demonstrations in Piața Victoriei in Bucharest against the vaccination law | Romania

More than 150 people demonstrated yesterday in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square against the vaccination bill.

More than 150 people protested yesterday at Piaţa Victoriei in Bucharest against the vaccination bill which stipulates compulsory vaccination of children and which is expected to reach parliament this week.

The demonstrators have announced their intention to sign an open letter against the draft normative act that they will submit to the government. They called the document illegal, abusive and unconstitutional.

We learn from Alina Stănuţă what is provided for in the normative act which will enter into force on January 1 next year.

Reporter: According to the project, the vaccination of children with the vaccines provided for in the National Immunization Calendar, as well as with those administered in the event of an epidemic, becomes compulsory.

Parents, legal representatives or, where applicable, persons responsible for bringing up and caring for a child have an obligation to ensure that the child is presented to the family doctor for vaccination.

In the event of compulsory vaccination, consent to vaccination is presumed to have been given and refusal will be made in writing.

When registering for the collective, the establishment has the obligation to request the certificate issued by the family doctor attesting to compulsory vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, rubella, mumps and Hepatitis B.

At the level of the departmental public health departments, departmental vaccination commissions will be set up which, among other functions, will summon parents who do not present themselves with their child for vaccination or refuse vaccination, for counseling purposes.

The document also establishes sanctions for each of the actors involved in the vaccination process, from central and local authorities to service providers, from parents to vaccine manufacturers and distributors.

Producer: We remind you that Romania has been facing a measles epidemic since last year, which has already claimed 32 lives and nearly 8,500 patients.

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