Dumitru Dragomir explained why Costel Gâlcă couldn’t coach FCSB

Dumitru Dragomir revealed for ProSport that Gigi Becali will never give Costel Gâlcă the chance to coach FCSB again.

Former LPF President Dumitru Dragomir is of the opinion that a return by Costel Gâlca in Romanian football, he would bring us a big plus of everything, but that at the moment he does not see any important team in the Super League that would offer all the conditions to the former member of the Golden Generation.

Dragomir ruled out a possibility early on in the discussion Return of Costel Gâlcă to FCSBwhere the former international great won three trophies with Gigi Becali’s team.

Revelations on Costel Gâlcă’s appointment to FCSB: “He will never train there again as long as Gigi Becali is the boss!”

Dumitru Dragomir is of the opinion that Gâlcă is currently in the top 5 Romanian coaches. “I would very much like this boy to return to Romania. He is a civilized boy and does not seek scandal with anyone, he only minds his own business. He is among the top 5 Romanian athletes.

But where should Gâlcă come to train? At the FCSB I tell you from the outset that as long as Gigi Becali is patroness there, Gâlcă will stop kissing. Gigi made it clear in his circle of friends that Costel Gâlcă would never return to coach his team again. Gâlcă pissed off Gigi when he was in jail.

Then he doesn’t go to Viitorul because Hagi is there. Oh wait, now the team is moving to Farul. Sorry! Maybe when Gică Hagi goes abroad to train, Gâlcă can go there. In Voluntari there is Ciobotariu, a very good trainer. Croitoru went to Pitesti. In Craiova there is Rădoi and Nicolo Napoli came to the FCU. Mititelu had tried something with Gâlcă, but he immediately realized that Costel was setting conditions, and he did not accept them.

Gâlcă has a dedicated staff like any professional coach, he doesn’t come alone with a bag over his shoulder at the first phone call like the others, we don’t name names. He was in negotiations with Sepsi, but they had no money for him and his team. And now there is Bergodi. Mutu is at Rapid and Dan Petrescu at CFR. IN Cluj there is this Neagoe, who is a very good coach. Where do you see Gâlcă? In Botosani? Come on, sir, let’s be serious, Botoșani is not a team of Costel Gâlcă’s stature. That if he returns to Romania, he will come back to fight for the trophies, not for relegation,” said Dumitru Dragomir exclusively for ProSport.

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