Exclusive video | Challenge for Gică Hagi: “When will we see Mrs. Hagi do the same?”

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Challenge for Gică Hagi: “When will we see Mrs. Hagi do the same?”

Vali Moraru, the moderator of the Digi Sport Special show, posted a very short clip in which his mother appeared Sam Adekugbe (27), defender for the Canadian national team.

“My son is at the World Cup. Hallelujah!”was the sympathetic reaction of the player’s mother, at which point Moraru asked Hagi directly, in a relaxed tone: “When will we see Mrs. Hagi do the same? My son at the World Cup!”.

The “king” replied without batting an eyelid.

“May God grant the European Championship, the World Championship as soon as possible. We have to feed on the successes to increase our confidence and our optimism. We only need success.

Success can change us, I see no other solution. We have come far, we are where we are, that is reality, that is to say down.

We all recognize it, there are also less good times, but I think there must be projects in Romania. I don’t see how you can live otherwise.

Otherwise, we don’t hug, as we have for a long time, and I don’t think that’s a good message to send to the players.”said Hagi, at Digi Sport.

Gică Hagi, after Saudi Arabia and Japan made waves at this World Cup. He said where the difference was made

Lighthouse’s technical manager said the difference was in the tactics and individual value of the players. But, ‘The King’ admitted that Argentina, for example, paid a huge tribute to the relaxation in the second half.

“It’s too early to draw conclusions, but it’s clear that they are very good teams. Very balanced games, almost all countries have learned what tactics mean. Then the value of the players makes the difference, like still.

Argentina controlled the match head-to-tail, then the trigger intervened. A self-satisfaction, they entered the break too relaxed, even if we saw from the first half that the Arabs also have a very good tone.

But Argentina probably played too well in the first half. I haven’t seen the second.

Japan, a very good team. They have good players who play in Europe, they are creative, technical, fast. It’s a really good national team.”said Hagi, present in the studio of the Digi Sport Special show.

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