Florinel Coman asks to leave the FCSB! Gigi Becali’s announcement


The date of publication: Saturday 12 November 2022, 00:20

Update date: Saturday 12 November 2022, 00:17

Florinel Coman he hasn’t been in his best form since he started his football career, and Gigi Becali made it clear that the new FCSB captain wanted to be loaned out to recuperate.

“He told me he would like me to lend him somewhere, he probably had something from Romania, that he was asking me for a piece of paper”said Gigi Becali on Prima Sport television.

What Gigi Becali Said About Coman

“Poor man, he can’t dribble a kid anymore. On my word of honor, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry for him. He’s a great talent, but I can’t figure out what’s going on.

It’s not possible for a 19-year-old to be Mbappé, and at 24 when he should be a bomb, he can no longer do what he did at 19.

I believed in him, how can I give a player I believe in? I thought he was coming and saving us. I still believe in him. How do I hit a player I trust?

I want him to get us out of this! I gave 3 million euros for that, how do I give it? He must recover to explode”Gigi Becali also clarified it.

FCSB, this season

After 17 stages, but with two matches behind the rest of the teams, the FCSB is in seventh place with 23 points. The “red-blue” group recorded six wins, five draws and four defeats.

In the next match, FCSB will face FCU Craiova on Sunday, November 13, starting at 9:00 p.m. The match will be broadcast in LIVE TEXT on www.sport.ro, as well as the other matches of the respective stage.

FCSB, during the transfer window

come – Boban Nikolov (28 years old / central midfielder / without contract), David Miculescu (21 years old / striker / UTA Arad / 1.7 million euros), Andrea Compagno (26 years old / striker / FCU Craiova 1948 / 1, 5 million euros), Eduard Radaslavescu (18 years old / central midfielder / FCV Farul / 500,000 euros), Radu Boboc (23 years old / right defender / FCV Farul / 400,000 euros), Joyskim Dawa (26 years old / defender central / FC Botoșani / 350,000 euros), Vadim Rață (29 years old / defender / FC Voluntari / 300,000 euros), Marco Dulca (23 years old / defender / Chindia Târgoviște / 250,000 euros), Bogdan Rusu (32 years old / striker / CS Mioveni / 200,000 euros), Joonas Tamm (30 years old / central defender / Vorskla Poltava / free of contract), Rachid Bouhenna (30 years old / central defender / CFR Cluj / free of contract).

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