Four college students were shot from an SUV just before Thanksgiving. Governor: “Enough!

The attack took place a few meters from the high school in PhiLadelphia where the four students are studying and where the program had been cut short for the Thanksgiving holiday. An SUV sped past them and from inside a man fired several bullets at the children. Panic and outrage set in in the community and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued a statement saying “Enough!”.

The students had not gone far from the school when an SUV approached them and someone in the car opened fire on the group. The victims are two 15-year-old girls and two 16-year-old boys, informs ABC News.

The fire was started by an unidentified person just outside Overbrook High School where classes ended three hours early, the day before Thanksgiving, marked this year in the United States on November 24.

“Recent gun attacks across the United States have left families with empty hearts and empty seats at the Thanksgiving table. I’m sick of it,” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf wrote.

The children were rushed to hospital where they have been stabilized, and doctors hope they will survive.

Investigators have not yet determined the motive for the attack, especially since Overbrook High School has had no previous incidents and it is not known if any of the children were targeted by the attack. ‘aggressor. “We still have a long way to go to determine why this happened, but we know it needs to stop,” Philadelphia Deputy Chief of Police John Stanford said.

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