Gigi Becali fires FCSB footballer at Farul: ‘Football can’t be played like that!’


The date of publication: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 11:28 a.m.

Update date: Saturday, November 12, 2022, 11:54 a.m.

The two main players FCSB wants to get rid of in winter they are Radu Boboc and Marco Dulca. In the case of the defender, Gigi Becali says he would like to send him back to Farul Constanța, the team he transferred from this summer.

Gigi Becali wants to send Radu Boboc back to Constanța lighthouse

As far as it’s concerned on Marco DulcaGigi Becali accuses the midfielder of hiding the ball and claims the only team he could sell him to is Chindia Târgoviște, the team he transferred him from this summer.

“Yes, I am thinking of abandoning Boboc and Dulca. For example, I am returning Boboc to Gică. In the case of Dulca, I have no other solution than Târgoviște. Yes (no – it is possible that he will return to Chindia in winter). He said he wanted to work, to earn his place. I still placed him, placed him in… it’s not work.

Radaslavescu continues to come to receive, I see him there on the ground, he takes it back, misses it. He makes a mistake, but he comes to the receiver to see if he can do something with the ball. If you’re always running away from the ball, it’s not a job, it’s hiding. You can’t play football like that”declared Gigi Becali, in the show Ora Exactă in Sport.

Marco Dulca (23) was bought from Chindia Târgoviște for 250,000 euros. The midfielder played 15 games at FCSB but didn’t register any goals or assists.

Radu Boboc (23) arrived at FCSB from Farul, for 200,000 euros, and the right defender played 10 games, including 8 as a starter.


Gigi Becali revealed how he had been

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