Gigi Becali, surprised by the exclusion of Constanța Lighthouse from the European Cups

Gigi Becali was surprised by the exclusion of Farul Constanța from the European Cups, following the merger a year ago. The boss of the red-blues, more and more rooted in such situations because of the “war” between CSA Steaua and FCSB, is convinced that Gheorghe Hagi will not have the right to win at UEFA.

In his view, the viable solution was for the former Viitorul Constanța to take only the name Farul to avoid the problem. Although he was not initially interested in the subject, Becali today says he is appalled by the mistake made by Gică Hagi, Gică Popescu and Ciprian Marica, the decision makers of the two clubs.

Gigi Becali was shocked by Farul Constanța’s exclusion from European Cups: ‘I don’t think Gică Popescu and Hagi made such a mistake’

Gigi Becali believes that if he had turned to lawyers specializing in the field, he would not have come to this situation. Farul is the leader of the Superligawith 40 points accumulated in 17 games played and has a very good chance of positioning itself, at the end of the championship, on a place in the European cups.

“I don’t think, I didn’t want to, I wasn’t interested. If it was merger and the Lighthouse absorbed it, they can’t win. He had to consult football lawyers about rules. I don’t think Gică Popescu and Hagi made such a mistake. It was simple, they took the name and they were Farul, that was enough,” Gigi Becali told Prima Sport.

Farul has a dispute before the Court of Arbitration for Sport of Laussane to try to win his justice, and in December the first term is scheduled. UEFA regulations state that a new club is not allowed to participate in European cups during the first three years of operation.

UEFA classified the Farul club as newly created, an aspect that does not allow it to participate in European cups during the first three years of operation. Gică Hagi demands justice from the CAS. Image source: SportPictures

“In December we will have the first term at CAS and a decision will be made which will not be final anyway, because the losing side will certainly appeal. No matter what is decided, we will play the same in the national competitions. Our goals are clear and do not change whether or not we are allowed to play in the European cups. We have to be patient and see what decision will be made. Any other comments are meaningless at this time”, reacted Gică Popescu , for ProSporttwo days ago.

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