“He got terribly angry with him!

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Entrepreneur Bogdan Enoiu (63), one of the most important figures in the advertising industry of the past 30 years in Romania, recalled on the “Profu’ de Sport” podcast a funny episode spent during a friendly tennis match played by George Copos against Ion Țiriac.

A great tennis fan and close friend of influential personalities in Romanian sport, Enoiu took part, several years ago, in a unique tennis match between George Copos and Ion Țiriac. The challenge of the meeting? A car! Outright defeated by Țiriac, Rapid’s former owner found an “ingenious” method to trick Țiriac: he didn’t give him any of his luxury cars, instead giving him a Trabant.

Bogdan Enoiu organized, among other things, the Hagi Gala, the tennis tournament in Bucharest, but also the visit of George Bush Jr. to Romania.

How Copos gave a Trabant to Țiriac: “He got very angry with him”

– Bogdan, how did you end up organizing the Bucharest tournament?
– Țiriac also came to Gala Hagi. And he was impressed. “Well, who organized it?” You? Let’s talk”. He organized with Hărădău. I said “Sir, if you let me, I will organize it with pleasure” Him: “Yes, but first let’s play tennis”. He had played a car tennis match with Copos before.

– It was the goal.
– Yes, that was the goal. Tiriac always makes bets that he wins. He only lost about two with me. When Ponta lost to Iohannis, I took 1,000 euros from him and… I wanted to put myself in Țiriac’s shoes. I was also playing with Copos, whom I beat even in costume and with the referee Nicu Văcăroiu…

– Really?
– On my word of honor.

– But how did you end up playing like that?
– I bet George that I would beat him in a suit. I who never wear one, I put on a suit, a tie, shoes and I beat him like that. And the former finance minister, Florin Georgescu, played tennis. He with Nicu Văcăroiu, who played very good tennis, and I with George Copos. Doubles match. And I slapped the prime minister on the head. Right here in front! That’s how it happened. It was calm there, the man fell to the bottom of it, that I was at the net. But he didn’t get angry, it’s character! George was already white. I said “why did I take you with me?”, like that.

– Back to the match with Țiriac.
– Yes, all things considered, Copos played tennis with Țiriac and lost, of course. And instead of coming with what he had, BMW or Mercedes, he came with a Trabant. And this one, Țiriac, got very angry.

– Țiriac’s mistake, that he did not score the bet from the start. He just said “a car”. And Copos brought him the Trabant.
– Well, he got terribly angry! Okay, George also liked the idea of ​​Trabant, but Țiriac got angry.

He was so miserly!  How did Copos end up giving a Trabant to Ion Țiriac:

In 2002, Enoiu organized “Rejucarea unui vis”, 30 years after the final lost by Năstase and Țiriac against the Americans, in the Davis Cup

– One would be tempted to say that George Copos did it to be funny, but he did it because he was miserly.
– It doesn’t matter for what reasons (laugh). And I arrive at my match with Țiriac. He says “let’s play a match, our referee is Titi Hărădău, come see me here, in Eliade”, where he had a house, with a very nice tennis court. It was Maurer’s house (no former Prime Minister in the 60s-70s) , on the edge of the lake. The stake was still a car. I had a yellow Opel, new, I had just bought it. And Tonton, as I call him, says “we play two out of three, but you give me 0-40”. I mean, it was impossible to beat him, I had already crossed paths with him. He had yet been number 7 in the world. He has a McEnroe backhand and a more jerky right, like in hockey, because he also played hockey.

– 20 years have passed since then.
– Please let’s enter the court, 6-3 quickly, because I have a weaker backhand. I was halfway through 3,000 matches with CTP, I was not strong. In the second set I started to make a strategy, or maybe he left me too, I can’t say, but I almost reached the tie-break. I had 6-5, he serves from 40-0, as we agreed, and when he throws the ball, “aaaaa!”, he pretends to stretch. I snapped, “come on, sir, what are you doing? Take the keys and I’m leaving.” But he loved me he never took my car, that’s why I say he’s a superman.

– And that’s how you became friends.
– Yes. After that I said come on gentlemen, let’s also go around Bucharest. And we remained great friends.

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