“He looks deplorable! Nothing like this has happened in 20 years of rugby.”

Article by Remus Dinu – Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 11:47 AM / Updated on Thursday, November 10, 2022 10:25 AM

Dinamo performed for the first time on the “Arcul de Triumf”, where was beaten by Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe, score 2-3, in a match of the groups of the Romanian Cup. The “dog” fans came to the stadium in large numbers, but they also caused damage to the arena near the Cașin Monastery.

Contacted by Gazeta Sporturilor this morning, Florin Matei, the general secretary of the Romanian Rugby Federation, expressed his indignation at the damage caused by Dynamo supporters on the “Arc de Triumf”. Several chairs were smashed on one of the lawns, effectively detached from the stadium structure, and some images of the mess left in the dressing room area are also circulating on the internet..


Dinamo ultras got in trouble during game with Sepsi » Racist and xenophobic chants + targeted opponent

Florin Matei, secretary of the Romanian Rugby Federation: “The stadium looks deplorable! In 20 years of rugby, nothing like this has happened!”

“The stadium was vandalized, but do you know how? Vandalized by comparison. In 20 years of rugby nothing like what happened after a football game last night has happened. I also received a report from my colleagues this morning because the stadium needs to be prepared now for rugby matches, the teams come to train here and we are trying to maintain the stadium to the highest standards.

Sounds deplorable, yes! What can I say ? After a rugby match, he wouldn’t have looked like this. I like to think our audience is a different audience, which does not resort to such acts, gestures. But we weren’t the organizers of the match, we are just trying to bring the stadium back to the standards it was before in a short time.

My colleagues went to clean the locker room and did not find the happiest photo, but let it be the last problem, let it be cleaned. It’s important to have chairs to replace them, because it looks quite ugly,” said the general secretary of the Romanian Rugby Federation, exclusively for GSP.ro.

I don’t know who will replace the chairs, we weren’t the organizers. Probably those of the National Sports Complex “Arc de Triumf”. I don’t know if the damage will be recovered from Dinamo or not, it’s not our job and we don’t get involved where the pot doesn’t boil.

– Florin Matei, FRR General Secretary

5,749 viewerswere present on the “Arcul de Triumf” during the Dinamo – Sepsi duel

“The stadium is not compatible for matches between club teams!”

The FRR official believes that the arena “is not compatible with interclub matches”, explains his reasoning and reveals the convention they have established in the past with their counterparts from the Romanian Football Federation.

“Do you know how I see things? Exactly as we discussed with the Romanian Football Federation when the stadium construction project was launched. At that time, we didn’t go to football, football came to us. They asked us to apply with this stadium for the organization of the European football championship. We accepted, especially since the event was of national interest.

At that time, we had agreed with the FRF that the football matches would be played in this stadium, but the football matches of the national junior, junior, female teams.

This stadium is not compatible for interclub matches! Why? Because here there had to be dividing fences, plexiglass windows, security elements that the rugby field does not have, because rugby is another audience. The stadium is not compatible for matches between club teams, but there is no problem if matches of national football teams will be played. If the women’s football team comes, there is no problem,” added Florin Matei.

The Romanian Rugby Federation goes on the attack, after the damage caused by Dinamo supporters on the “Arc”: “It looks deplorable!  Nothing like this has happened in 20 years of rugby, but our audience is of another quality!

Florin Matei / Photo source: Facebook

Vlad Iacob, the special administrator of Dinamo, reacted after the accusations launched by the general secretary of the Romanian Rugby Federation.

The “Dogs” released a statement announcing that Dinamo will fully bear the damage caused by the fans. At the same time, the official accuses a conspiracy so that the red-whites are no longer welcomed at the “Arc de Triomphe” and denies the version that Dynamo players intentionally left the mess in the locker room.

The Dinamo 1948 Bucharest Club, through the special administrator Vlad Iacob, clarifies via the official Facebook page: The press articles and the way the images are used with the same few damages, photographed several times, under several angles, show, in my opinion, the intention to blame with minor, but disproportionately presented arguments, the Dinamo club and the Dynamo fans.

It is regrettable that material damage occurs, even if it is minor, as in the present case, but more regrettable is the management and the disproportionate aggravation of such situations! It is an attempt to prove that football clubs should not play on the “Arc de Triomphe”. It is an intentional campaign and it is not in the spirit of “fair play” so much invoked in sport. I respect national teams in any sport and congratulate the Romanian Rugby Federation for qualifying the “Oaks” for the World Championship!

However, I believe that properties built with public money must be managed in the public interest, respecting and knowing the legal priority that national team matches have on the “Arc De Triumf” arena. Public money is earned thanks to the work of millions of Romanians and especially the work of Dinamo fans, who, through their dedication to the club, have demonstrated that they deserve to enjoy football in a state-of-the-art arena even before the completion of the new Dinamo Stadium.

Just over 20 chairs were destroyed following the match with Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe, and the club will fully pay for the damage caused by our supporters. None of these were intentionally fired – as some have been circulating in the press – and all the destruction seems accidental and certainly took place during the moments of joy and after the spectacle offered by the Dynamo supporters. Regarding cleanliness, we have a rule: our dressing room must remain clean after each match. It’s a rule that I established with Ovidiu Burcă since my arrival at Dinamo.

On this occasion, we invite representatives of the media after each match to film the conditions in which we hand over the locker room at the end. Last night, after the game, our staff and our players completely cleaned the dressing rooms and also asked for the necessary means to remove the grass left on the ground.

We were told that the cleaning company would take care of this aspect. Cleaning services were part of the arena usage contract, fully paid for by the club. In this regard, we provide some pre-game images, which prove that the placement of furniture in our dressing room was different, and the photos featured in the press are either from the guest dressing room or were taken after another event.

– Dinamo press release

The Romanian Rugby Federation goes on the attack, after the damage caused by Dinamo supporters on the “Arc”: “It looks deplorable!  Nothing like this has happened in 20 years of rugby, but our audience is of another quality!

Image of the Dinamo dressing room, available to the media

VIDEO The atmosphere created by Dinamo fans during the Cup match with Sepsi

PHOTO / The most spectacular images of the Dinamo – Sepsi 2-3 match

Dinamo - Sepsi / photo: Raed Krishan

We will see today what damage there was in the match. I’ve seen pictures, but I think it’s only a few dozen broken seats. These are minor damages, which we will repair as soon as possible.

We also hope to play in this arena in 2023. In terms of price, it is an expensive arena. I will try to negotiate to see if we can bring the price down, not sure if anything can be done about this. But with a good participation, like the Sepsi match, we can amortize our costs.

– Vlad Iacob, special administrator of Dinamo, at Pro X

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