“He needs to put some money aside.” When would Florin Tănase return to FCSB

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Giovanni Becali has revealed when Florin Tănase will return to FCSB

The former FCSB captain has signed a two-year contract, with an option for a one-year extension. During all this time, Florin Tănase will receive substantial salaries, which he would never have received in Romania: around 100,000 euros per month.

Asked about the situation of “Tase”, Giovanni Becali is sure that the footballer will come back at the club frequented by his cousin, but not in the near future.

“Tănase had a good relationship with me and Gigi, he was with us all the time for 5-6 years. He has another 4-5 years to play there, he has to save money, he earns more money. one million dollars. .

I think that around 32-33 years old, if he keeps his form and his physique, he will come back to Steaua. Many bosses have a team captain who they talk to, consult with, i.e. it’s not about the captain spying on his co-workers,” said Giovanni Becali, according to AS.ro.

Gigi Becali, about Florin Tănase: “He told me he was coming back!”

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The FCSB received no less than three million euros in exchange for Florin Tănase, from Al Jazira, this summer.

Gigi Becali confessed that he missed the striker as he took on the construction of the phases a lot, even if he played down the hall or up front. He was the “orchestra leader” of the team in difficult times, and his departure seems to have turned the mechanism of attack at FCSB upside down.

I always talk to Tănase, when he scores a goal he calls me, when he assists he calls me. He told me that he was staying there for two years to earn money and that he would come back. Having Tănase, the playing was more elaborate, he was a good conductor who led the orchestra. Now it’s a mess.

The one who offered it to me told me he is Aromanian, I spoke to him in Aromanian, he is not Macedonian. Tănase told me he was Oaidă’s type, but he’s a little better. Don’t lose the ball. When I heard that he didn’t lose the ball… For me, whoever loses the ball goes back to where he came from“said Gigi Becali, to the Digisport League.

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