Holland does not give up. He is trying to find allies to block Romania and Bulgaria’s access to Schengen

Dutch officials reportedly tried to convince the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU not to put the accession of Romania and Bulgaria on the agenda of the JHA Council of 8 and 9 December, as planned, but the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU would have opposed the request, according to some sources of MainNews.

Holland seeks allies

At the same time, according to the cited source, the Dutch government even sought the support of other states in its undertaking.

Thus, the government of the Netherlands would have addressed the political leaders of Sweden and Denmark, countries which, in the past, had objections concerning the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area.

According to the cited sources, the Netherlands have failed in this endeavor for the time being. In fact, that would be one of the important keys to the negotiation process. If the Dutch do not find allies, they will remain isolated and therefore unlikely to voice their opposition.

What are the possible scenarios regarding Schengen membership

A possible scenario invoked would be the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to Schengen with a series of conditionalities, practically on the model in which the two countries were admitted to the EU, and this would represent an honorable exit for the Dutch government. led by Ruth.

Moreover, according to the quoted source, the possibility of a decision on partial membership of the two countries cannot be ruled out, which would also mean a compromise solution, which has been discussed in previous years.

Partial membership would only imply entry into Schengen with ports and airports, leaving land borders for a later date.

Romanian parliamentarians, letter to the elected representatives of the Netherlands

The Parliament’s friendship group with the Netherlands sent a letter to the elected members of the Dutch Legislative Assembly regarding Romania’s support for Schengen membership, asking for an interparliamentary debate to back up its arguments.

The Romanian parliamentarians argued that, “given that Romania fulfills, since 2011, all the criteria for joining Schengen – the securing of Romanian borders, airports and ports -, the unjustified delay in granting the right access to Schengen harms both Romanian citizens and Romanian companies, which they waste time and resources, as well as the fluidity of the movement of goods on the single European market”.

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