How Mihai Pintilii “worked” Nicolae Dică at Gigi Becali

Gigi Becali told how he asked Mihai Pintilii to tell him what mistakes Nicolae Dică was making.

The mandate of Nicolae Dică started very well in Europe, he managed to qualify the team in the groups of the Conference League, but the coach left the FCSB by the back door. Boss Gigi Becali suggested he quit after the league loss to U Cluj, which ‘Nick’ did.

He felt “worked” by Mihai Pintilii, the one who took over the technical bench for the moment, and Gigi Becali told what happened between the two.

How Mihai Pintilii “worked” Nicolae Dică at Gigi Becali! FCSB boss revealed: ‘He told me two simple things! Players growl, make people angry’

Gigi Becali claims he asked Mihai Pintilii to tell him what Nicolae Dică was doing wrong in the team. The current interim told the runners-up boss that the players were unhappy with the coach wasting too much time on tactics.

“Well, why is he now? Why did I leave him? No, father! So we left Pintilii because we said to ourselves, if he wins three or four games, we leave him and that’s enough. There’s nothing like having worked on Dica.

The only thing that was and that Dica is angry about is that I went to see that the team wasn’t playing and I said to him: “Boys Pinti, are you a good boy? Well, you are stealing from me my money if you don’t say, you get paid here to answer what’s going on and to say what’s not good”. And it’s true that Pintilii told me two things, related to training and tactics during games, simple things Not important things, that every coach does as he thinks, Pinti told me that it’s not good to do tactics for 45 minutes, it’s what he thought, that the players want more with the ball.

Meme told me that Dica knows a lot about football, he is a drummer, you have nothing to say. And I told him, if you have players who make 60-80 million, if out of 10, 3 do not do what Klopp says, Klopp’s machine no longer works. With us out of 10, I don’t do 6 of what Dica says, or even Klopp if it was, that they can’t do. They also have intelligence and strength and can put into practice what Dica or Klopp says. What can you say to Dulca or Boboc? Can not. Every man has instinct, give him the ball, play football, until he gets into instinct.

Poor Pintilii didn’t say anything, but I grabbed him, said “well why are you getting paid here so you don’t talk?”. And he said as much, that there are too many tactics and that the players are grumbling, it does not suit them, it makes them angry. He had no reason to get upset, because you have to be praised, only players can’t put it into practice. The important thing is that the team did not play, that’s all. What’s the point of him talking nonsense? He also left gently, with dignity, it is better to be silent. Well, if he stayed and Rapid also beat us, then goodbye! It’s finish. He told me they don’t do what he tells them, he doesn’t care, they’re worthless. Those of last night were worth nothing,” said Gigi Becali, at Prima Sport.

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