How Mirel Rădoi and Marian Aliuță pushed Gigi Becali’s car

Out of gas, Gigi Becali’s car was pushed by Mirel Rădoi and Marian Aliuță in the center of Bucharest, on Magheru Boulevard.

Former FCSB teammates Mirel Rădoi and Marian Aliuță have fond memories of Gigi Becali. He had just taken over the club from Viorel Păunescu and took the two to buy cars, but the former footballers did not return driving a new car, but pushing the boss’s car.

While the players were giving their lives on Bd. Magheru, Gigi Becali was talking quietly on the phone with Viorel Păunescu and told him that he was going for a walk with the footballers.

How Mirel Rădoi and Marian Aliuță pushed Gigi Becali’s car onto Bd. Magheru. FCSB boss, amazing discussion with Viorel Păunescu: “I’m with the boys, we’re walking”

Mirel Rădoi and Marian Aliuță, two of FCSB’s heavy hitters at the time, started pushing Gigi Becali’s car after the boss ran out of gas in central Bucharest.

“Me and Mirel, let Gigi take us cars. And we go to BMW. Schmidt, the boss of Bavaria, Gigi had taken his car from there. And, we go into Bavaria, pac!, me with Rădoi and Gigi When Gigi came in, he was different, young: “Where is it, is the car? Married, which one do you want?”. When we pick up the cars, Schmidt says, “Well, I’ll give them to you, but he didn’t even pay for his.” I say, she’s fat: “That means we don’t take anything from here, Bridegroom.

And we leave, Steaua had just won, he had signed from one company to another (not when Gigi Becali took over the club). And now, we on Magheru, with his BMW, he had a 7 Series. Mirel on the right, me behind. (No. Gigi Becali:) “Let me call Viorel Păunescu”, as he used to do, that he took the team. “Violin, what are you doing?”. While he was talking to her, I ran out of gas. We got off and he was talking on the phone: “we’re walking, look, we’re in a circle”, but we were pushing the car, me and Mirel. I pushed the car on Magheru.

He sent a taxi driver with a canister to bring us gasoline,” Marian Aliuta told Fiță cu Adiță.

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