“I don’t think there’s a club in the world that does that, mind you.” Gică Hagi spoke about the investments made at the Lighthouse

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Gică Hagi spoke about the investments made at the Lighthouse

During the press conference before the duel with the inhabitants of Dâmbovița, Gică Hagi revealed that a significant amount of the budget total of the club goes to the children’s and junior section of the Lighthouse. In addition, the “King” also made a comparison and said that no team in the world invests so much in the academy.

  • Around €7m is the Phare budget for the current season, which means €2.1m went to the academy

“The club has a very good identity, an identity based on the center for children and juniors. We invest a lot in this center, we even give 30% of the budget directly to children and juniors. It’s a very large sum, I don’t think there is a club in the world that invests so much money in children and juniors. Of the world, remember” declared Gheorghe Hagi, during the press conference.

Ciprian Marica, after Faro was banned from European Cups

In the current season, while the team occupies the first position in Ligue 1 and is considered among the favorites for the title, the Constantinois urgently need a favorable opinion, for a possible presence in European cups. next summer.

UEFA considered that between Viitorul Constanța and Farul Constanța a normal merger was achieved, between two entities. As a result, the licensing administration of the Romanian Football Federation was advised not to offer the license to Constanta players.

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After this decision, the bosses of the seaside club went to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) in Lausanne, and the first term has been set in December.

One of Farul Constanța’s shareholders, Ciprian Marica, believes the rivals have an interest in spoiling the vibe of the seaside club.

“I don’t understand what’s new now compared to two months ago, only that we manage to stay high. This UEFA decision is three months old, I said very clearly that those there did not understand exactly, they believe that the unsportsmanlike Ligue 2 team promoted to Ligue 1. It was not a self-notification, but home supporters informed UEFA.

It was a recommendation from Romania, I don’t know who made it. This comes in the context of a good time of ours, where we had no news that would destabilize or create doubt about the things we did a year ago. We did everything within the spirit of the law.

It’s just something misunderstood or explained. These gentlemen have been misled. We judge ourselves at the CAS and we will defend ourselves to prove that it is not what they think. The Federation has supported us and continues to support us”, Ciprian Marica told Digi Sport Special.

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