“I got a little suffocated.” What are the idols of the son of Alexandru Tudor

  • League 2: Chiaynathe starFriday, 6:00 p.m., DGS 1

  • League 1: SEPSoilFriday, 21:00, DGS 1

Vlad Tudor made his FCSB debut in the Cup game with Oțelul: “I hope to start playing regularly”

Vlad Tudor was introduced after the break, replacing Bogdan Rusu. The winger has been active, involved in numerous attacking moves.

Vlad Tudor missed an important chance in the 50th minute when he was found excellently by Florinel Coman. His shot from 16 yards went over the goal.

Late in the game, Vlad Tudor was candid about the issues he was having with the pacing of the game.

“It was a great experience, the fact that I made my debut in the big team. I felt good. I had the chance to score, unfortunately I didn’t manage to.

I hope to continue to grow and start playing regularly. I was hoping to play, but I wasn’t sure. God also helped me and I started today.

I wanted to enter with energy. I got a little choked up because the pace is different from what I’m used to. Perhaps the pressure also had its say. But I think I made a good effort.

My father didn’t tell me anything before, he didn’t know I was making my debut.

I don’t have a role model, but there are a few footballers I look up to. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Messi and Hagi among the Romanians. I liked the ball more than the whistle”said Vlad Tudor.

VIDEO Summary of the match Oțelul – FCSB 0-0

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