International Press: US Observed Russian Preparations for Possible Poseidon Torpedo Test

In recent weeks, the United States has observed preparations by Russian military vessels for a possible test with the Poseidon nuclear-powered torpedo, a US official told CNN on Thursday, writes Agerpres.

Also described as “the weapon of the apocalypse”, the Poseidon torpedo is a new generation weapon that can carry both conventional and nuclear ammunition. Equipped with a nuclear warhead, it can cause a radioactive tsunami in coastal areas. Its nuclear propulsion gives it virtually unlimited autonomy. But according to Russia, as well as some Western experts, this weapon will not enter the equipment of the Russian army until 2027.

Among the Russian military vessels taking part in the preparations observed by the Pentagon is the Belgorod, a cruise missile submarine modified for special operations and capable of launching unmanned underwater vehicles, including the Poseidon torpedo.

These Russian ships were seen last week leaving the military test area in the Arctic Ocean and returning to their home port without carrying out a test. The United States believes that the Russians may have encountered technical difficulties.

US officials believe that Russia could try one more time to conduct such a test, but the test area will soon begin to freeze over, limiting the time window for such an operation.

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However, the same officials do not believe that such a test would involve the detonation of a nuclear weapon, and any potential risk of radioactivity would instead come from a malfunction in the torpedo’s nuclear propulsion system.

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