Irina Rimes’ decision caused controversy at Vocea României! Smiley: “That seems unfair!”

The repeat duels at Vocea României didn’t even start well, as Irina Rimes generated a wave of criticism after the performance of two competitors from her team, Magda Suciu and Alexandrina Vlad. Mentor Irina Rimes was harshly criticized by both Tudor Chirilă and Smiley and Denis for the competition she bet on.

The Vocea României show has reached the stage of duels, where judges Tudor Chirilă, Smiley and Theo Rose, Irina Rimes and Denis will choose half of the contestants and keep only those they think deserve to continue.

Controversy in Vocea României, after the evolution of two competitors of Irina’s team

The representation of two candidates from the team of Irina Rimes was the subject of controversy between the jurors. If Magda Suciu and Alexandrina Vlad performed well, Tudor Chirilă, Smiley and Theo Rose but also Denis leaned more towards Magda, whom they considered more convincing on the Voice of Romania stage.

The only one who did not share the opinion of the other jurors was even the girls’ mentor, Irina Rimes, the artist being of the opinion that Alexandrina Vlad is the one who stood out the most from a vocal point of view. .

Smiley, Denis and Tudor criticized Irina Rimes

This decision drew criticism from Irina even from the jurors. Tudor Chirilă brought her colleague’s attention to the fact that she was uninspired in her decision, and Smiley was the most strident in stating that she had made an “unfair” decision.

“Coaches have to choose who sings better, it seems a little unfair to me to choose the one who is easier for me to work with.” Smiley says of the gesture of Irina Rimes, compared to Vocea României’s competitors.

Denis from The Motans was and is of the opinion that Irina Rimes was not equidistant in her choice.

“I would have chosen Magda, of course. I think the first impression of the auditions mattered more to Irina, I think from there Irina started being unequal towards the girls.” Dennis mentioned.

Irina Rimes justified her choice by saying that what she had done was a strategy to keep the two contestants in the competition.

“When I made the choice, the strategy I adopted from the start was to keep two good voices in the competition, I knew that if I didn’t choose Magda, one of my colleagues would choose her. I knew that if I chose Alexandrina, Magda would go further.” said Irina Rimes.

The jurors who gave Magda another chance

Magda Suciu’s only chance of remaining in the competition was if one of the jurors picked her on their team, which happened. Smiley and Theo Rose felt that Magda still had a lot to prove on the Voice of Romania stage, so they co-opted her under their guidance.

“My dream is to help people. I think music is universal and it’s my universe at the same time. But to help you, you have to be helped. Maybe by offering a finger or a hand to someone, you can give them the chance to open their arms to even more people.” Magda said with emotion in her voice, convincing Smiley and Theo Rose to give her another chance.

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