“Is your wife still asking about me?”

Culita Sterp appeared in court today, where the manelist’s appeal against the judicial review order was heard.

Detained for 24 hours and offered for arrest, Culita Sterp was placed under judicial supervision, after the judges rejected the prosecutors’ offer to arrest.

Today, the court ruled on the Maneleist’s appeal against the judicial review order, and Culita Sterp arrived in the courtroom with the attorney. At the end of the meeting, the lawyers announced that a decision would be announced tomorrow.

As he left the courtroom, Culiţă Sterp was awaited by journalists who were trying to get more answers from him, after the accident he caused in Cluj-Napoca, while driving drunk and under the influence of drugs.

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Today, no regret can be read on the manelist’s face. Smiling and arrogant, Culita Sterp refused to answer questions posed by reporters and, moreover, humiliated one of the reporters.

“Is your wife still asking for me?” was the response with which the Maneleist showed extraordinary superficiality.

Yesterday, investigators announced that the young man would also be investigated for driving under the influence of narcotics, after analyzes showed that he had consumed banned substances.

In addition to this charge, Culita Sterp is also being investigated for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, guilty bodily harm and leaving the scene of the accident without police consent.

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