“It’s a criminal case!” MM Stoica, devastating attack against CSA Steaua


The date of publication: Friday, November 11, 2022, 8:42 p.m.

Update date: Friday, November 11, 2022, 8:48 p.m.

The FCSB chief executive says the Army club’s funding of a football team that is barred from promoting to the Premier League is “a problem of a criminal nature”.

ASC rank first in Ligue 2, but won’t be able to promote even at the end of this season due to the condition.

If it partners with a private company until the start of the next edition of Ligue 2, CSA Steaua will only be able to promote at the end of the next season.

MM Stoica, a new attack against CSA Steaua

“We are waiting for the Premier League. Ligue 2 is a hilarious situation. We are all investing, we are all taxpayers, in a team that has no future. It is a very good gift for the players, who collect healthy sums for the level at which they play.

I care that our money goes where we don’t want to. Nobody wants to invest in a team that is not eligible for promotion. Increasing the budget of a team that is not eligible for promotion seems provocative to me. It’s a criminal case. They don’t want to collect money for a stadium made with taxpayers’ money, which loses money every second. Money burns for a team playing with several hundred spectators.

I think Marcel Ciolacu said something that every politician who wants to do something natural and normal should do. Collecting money where it is deliberately lost.

Oprita said something for which he deserves to be commended for his sincerity: “The boys play for the money, the boys take their salaries.” Very beautiful, exceptional. I’m curious if they have a bonus on positive results in the championship.” Mihai Stoica told Orangesport.

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