Kadyrov, lying on a couch, says he dreams he and his children will die in Ukraine’s ‘holy war’

The Chechen dictator, who became famous for the videos he posts on his Telegram channel, has come up with a new series of mind-blowing remarks. This time, Ramzan Kadyrov says his dream is for him and his children to die in the “holy war” in Ukraine. The message comes in the context that the appetite of the peoples of the Caucasus to fight in the war started by Putin is diminishing and he wanted to mobilize the Muslim Brotherhood.

Seen “disturbed” by the way things are going on the Ukrainian front, Kadyrov posted the video on his Telegram channel: “I urge all Muslims, all Chechens, don, why are you sitting? Come on, get together, form battalions, sir! I’m going to refuel you, I’m going to dress you, I’m going to arm you, sir! You have to fight, you have to defend the interests of our beloved prophet, the Koran, the gift, the state, the sovereignty. Who else are you, sir, if today you don’t take the path of fighting against these satanists and fascists. Every mother, every father, gift, mother, must give her son, gift and defend the interests of Christians and Muslims. They must defend the interests, the traditions, the customs.”

Kadyrov continued his very pronounced speech without moving his eyes too much: “Wake up, don! Be Muslims, be men! We, don, must take the arms of the European countries until the time when they will not be on their knees to ask for forgiveness. This war is sacred. This war is sacred, don and I dream of dying in this war. I die for my children to die in this holy war, but we will only die, sir, when we destroy you.”

He ends his message with narrowed eyes by pronouncing the famous greeting: “Allahu Akbar, Ahmat Sila” and shows his conviction that he will be victorious in this war:“who is not with us, who is under us, don”

The ruler of Grozny has been at the center of several controversies since the start of the war. If he did not hesitate until now to criticize the Kremlin decision-makers, after the shameful withdrawal of the Russians from Kherson, he praised Shoigu’s military strategy.

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Editor: Alexandru Rotaru

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