“Lord, look how far this curse has gone, this cancer in Romania”. Bogdan Chirieac, in agreement with Mircea Coșea: I am also afraid…

photo debate DCNews/ Bogdan Chirieac

Political scientist Bogdan Chirieac was surprised and, at the same time, struck by the information discovered on Thursday.

“I also fear that the conclusions drawn by Professor Mircea Coșea are the right ones,” political scientist Bogdan Chirieac said on Thursday, after the debate “New responsibilities after entering Schengen. Romania, first line of defense against contraband tobacco” organized by DCMedia Group and broadcast on DCNews, DCNewsTV and DCBusiness.

After the debate, the political analyst confessed: “I was honestly impressed by the fact that certain institutions in Romania work. When you told me that a trial for smuggling in Romania could take up to ten years and that it was very difficult for you to keep contraband cigarettes for ten years, I said: Sir, see how far this scourge has gone, this cancer of the non-functioning of justice in Romania. At the same time, yesterday I learned that, paradoxically, the ANI (National Agency for Non Integrity), an institution that I had never heard of, was working in the case of a mayor of Bucharest, and today I discover, with great joy, that the Border Patrol and Customs are doing incredible things. If you or the Home Secretary said it, I’m telling you frankly, I didn’t think it was on your record, but for the industry to say it – and in such a sensitive area – is for me the best guarantee that the things you do are extraordinary. Then you are on the front line for Romania to join the Schengen area. (…) Of course, we are doing the right thing, but, like Professor Coșea, I am afraid that things will not work out in our country, whatever we do. And I’m afraid it’s not the Netherlands – who appeared in front, maybe not by chance – who decides.”

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