Mihai Stoica, announcement of the return of Laurentiu Reghecampf to the FCSB

Mihai Stoica, the FCSB club’s general manager, has spoken about Laurentiu Reghecampf’s possible return to the team.

After what Nicolae Dică resigned from the FCSBGigi Becali has announced several names of possible replacements, including Andrei Prepelita, recently dismissed from FC Argeș, but also Ilie Poenaru, the former coach of UTA Arad.

Laurentiu Reghecampf’s return to FCSB was also aired given the good relationship he has with the boss.

Mihai Stoica, announcement on the conditions under which Laurentiu Reghecampf could return to the FCSB

Asked about the conditions under which Laurentiu Reghecampf could return to FCSB, Mihai Stoica explained that Gigi Becali will decide everything. However, the manager of the red-blues was reserved in his statements, because Laurentiu Reghecampf is under contract with Neftchi BakuAzerbaijan team.

“(No, if Reghecampf comes, does he have to work with Neubert?) We can discuss that if Gigi says that “Reghecampf will come, talk to him and establish the staff”. For now, I don’t want discuss hypothetical situations Reghecampf is under contract in the Azerbaijan Premier League.

(no if there are discussions with the coaches at the moment) No, to my knowledge, no. We have other priorities now, football is in the background. It’s an important week (not from a religious point of view), “said Mihai Stoica, according to Orange Sport.

“I don’t know anything, we’ll see as soon as possible. I’m sorry for Croitoru, that he left (no – he signed with FC Argeș). I loved him. There’s also Caille, Poenaru. What I liked the most about Croitoru is that he admitted his guilt. Manliness! If the team does not play anything and you have the cream of football in Romania, you are the culprit! I am in no hurry anymore . Poenaru? Yes I spoke. We’ll see, I don’t want to say. Poenaru is possible, Prepelita is possible, we’ll see who we get along with,” said Gigi Becali, after Nicolae Dică’s resignation.

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