Nicolae Dică, immediate response after the accusations of Mihai Pintilii

Nicolae Dică immediately responded to Mihai Pintilii, after being accused of not greeting him when he left FCSB.

The Romanian vice-champion gave up the services of Nicolae Dică after the loss to U Cluj, 1-2, the coach being accused by opposing coach Eugen Neagoe whom he did not salute after the final whistle.

Now FCSB interim Mihai Pintilii he blamed the former mate for the same of the national team, who reacted immediately.

Nicolae Dică, instant response after being accused by Mihai Pintilii of not having the seven at home: ‘Did he say hello when he left the stadium?’

Nicolae Dică explained that Mihai Pintilii wasn’t in the area when he left FCSB, which is why he didn’t say goodbye.

“Nick” also accused his former second in command of not saying hello when he left the house either.

“There are things that I want to do and that everyone has to do. Did the pints say hello when we finished training? Did he say hello when he left? Ask him if he said hello when he left. Ask him when he left the stadium, if I know when he left.

Do you know the joy I felt when I left FCSB? That I saw the people in the kitchen, in the warehouse that they were sorry. Simple people! I was sorry to leave this club for these people. I saw on their faces that they were sorry to go there. For me, that was the most important. Some normal people felt things for me.

If they keep saying certain things, then I’ll talk more. But it doesn’t matter that they are healthy, have results and are doing well.

Talk about seven years at home. When he left the stadium, was he seven years old from home? He couldn’t say hello! I say I have them. I’m the type of person who says when he has something to say.

I greeted the players, I went to the kitchen, to the masseuses, to everyone. Who was in the area there, I went to everyone. I talked to Meme, we talked. They were no more. The pints were over, but I still hadn’t said goodbye. He was no longer there. He was in the hallway, but I, after going to the players, went to the kitchen, to the doctor, to the masseuses. He was probably preparing for training” Nicolae Dică said, according to Orange Sport.

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