PHOTO Satellite images show that the Russian army has begun to build defensive lines, especially in Crimea

New satellite images show that the Russian army has started building trenches and other defensive lines in northern Crimea after recent defeats in southern Ukraine.

Russian trenchesPhoto: Juma Mohammad / Zuma Press / Profimedia Images

Independent researcher Benjamin Pittet describes the development as “surprising”, sharing on his Twitter page several photos taken by the “Planet” satellite system.

In some border areas with the Kherson region in northern Crimea, Russian forces also repaired existing trenches, in addition to constructing new ones.

One of the photos, taken near the town of Armiansk on the Perekop Isthmus that connects Crimea to the rest of Ukraine, also captured a bulldozer during construction and repair operations.

A little further north, other positions are built, for example near the village of Novoroiitke where a huge defensive line has been prepared.

Pitett notes that many other defensive positions are visible in the area, concluding that the Russians are building a fortress here.

The Russian army tries to defend itself with fortifications and trenches

But the Russian armed forces are also building static defensive positions in other occupied areas of Ukraine.

In its assessment on Tuesday, the British Ministry of Defense noted that Russian troops had started placing “dragon’s teeth”, small fortifications intended to stop armored vehicles, around the town of Mariupol.

According to the assessment made on the basis of the reports of the British intelligence services, such structures were probably installed between Mariupol and the village of Nikolskoye and from the north of the city of Mariupol to the village of Starîi Krîm in the Donetsk region.

The appearance of “dragon’s teeth” in the defensive arsenal of the Russian army was first reported on October 12, also by Benjamin Pitett, based on satellite photos.

These photos, however, came from the Lugansk region, where it was later discovered that the construction of the defensive line was the responsibility of the Wagner mercenary group.

After the completion of the withdrawal from the western bank of the Dnieper, ordered by Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday, only the southern Kherson region, defended by the river with an average width of 3.2 kilometers, will be on the way to a eventual Ukrainian offensive towards Crimea.

The first images of the withdrawal of Russian troops on the east bank of the river appeared Thursday morning, the situation being commented on in a funereal atmosphere on Russian television.

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