PHOTO Ukraine is building a wall on the border with Belarus

Ukraine is building a concrete fence reinforced with barbed wire to fortify its border with Belarus, Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kirilo Tymoshenko said on November 11, Kyiv Independent reports.

Ukraine builds border wall with BelarusPhoto: Capture Twitter

According to Tymoshenko, the wall already stretches for three kilometers and construction work is also underway in the Rivne and Zhytomyr regions of Ukraine.

“A ditch, an embankment, a concrete fence reinforced with barbed wire are technical barriers that are being built in Volin. Thus, about 3 km of the border have already been developed, work is continuing. That’s not all, but we won’t reveal the details. Work is also underway in the Rivne and Zhytomir regions.”

He points out that fortifications are being built and the border is being established in the regions bordering Russian territory. He added that the border guards have “all the necessary equipment to see the enemy from a distance”.

In October, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported that Belarus had summoned the Ukrainian ambassador and accused Ukraine of plotting a coup on Belarusian territory. The Foreign Office believes this is part of the plan to provoke the Russians.

British intelligence estimated in October, as part of the formation of a joint Belarusian-Russian troop group, that a new invasion of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus was unlikely.

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