Rapid has a transfer ban again! Debt born after 14 years

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After the summer episodewhen, finally, the club paid the debt of 600,000 euros to Julio Cesar, now Rapid has been banned from making transfers for a debt to the former player Daniel Poulet Barion Paulisteannounces journalist Decebal Rădulescu.

Rapid has a transfer ban again

This is a debt of around 800,000 euros, and TAS have already informed Giulesti’s club that until the payment is made, they will not be able to legitimize new players.

So far, the Rapid club has not made any official statement about this. The people of Giulești expected such cases to happen again, given the way it was run and what had happened to the old company, but not on this scale.

The footballer, due to whom Rapid is again banned from transfer, arrived at the club from Giulești in the summer of 2008, in exchange for a sum that turned out to be colossal compared to what the Brazilian offered on the pitch , 750,000 euros.

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Daniel Paulista only made six appearances for Rapid and left Giulești six months after signing the contract.

  • This boy has nothing to do with football! I put a lot of money on him to sit in the stands. I don’t know how we managed to fool ourselves like this! Paulista is the weakest player in Rapide history, Şoava was four grades above him– George Copos, in January 2009, about Daniel Paulista

Salary of 25,000 euros per month

Not only was the transfer amount huge in the case of the player who failed to score or provide an assist in a Rapid shirt.

Gabriel Paulista signed a contract with Rapid with a monthly salary of 25,000 euros, but also big bonuses.

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