Romania lost a mediocre footballer, but gained a great player. Colea Răutu, the “basketball” with the fascinating voice and talent “as much as the cart” VIDEO

Colea Răutu has starred in more than 70 films and there is no Romanian film buff who does not know of his great existence.

“The windmill of luck”, “Mihai the Brave”, “The Jderi Brothers”, “The Immortals”, “La Pintea”, “About a certain happiness”, “Stephane the Great”, “The loneliness of flowers”, “All sails out!”, “Accident”, “Fair Play”, “Rematch”, “Action Bus”, “Last night of love”, “Mihail, circus dog”, “A world without sky” , “Duel”, “Gold diggers”, “Mircea”, “The most beloved of earthlings”, here are some of the titles of the films in the cast of which the great actor was a part.

Colea Răutu – image from the film “Three times Bucharest” (1967)

Born in the Republic of Moldova, Colea Răutu took the road to Bucharest

Nikolai Rutkovski or Colea Răutu, as the public eager for Romanian cinematography called him, was born in 1912, in the city of Bălți, in the Republic of Moldova, and died in 2008, in Romania, more precisely in the capital.

He made a name for himself in the theater, in the cinema, on the radio, but also in vaudeville.

He was the eldest son in a family of four children, so later, at the right age, he enrolled in high school in Chisinau. “And I reached the 11th grade. When, as good as I was, my parents sent me to a military high school… To retake the exam… Discipline here was severe. Lots of good From those years I still had a thirst for affection that is still insatiable today”, testified, at one point, Colea Răutu.

In 1935 he came to Bucharest to play football, although his talent did not really recommend him for such a thing, but rather for other careers, as you well know. “I didn’t really hit the soccer ball. But the theaters, I beat them. And, one evening, I was fascinated by “La Fleur d’Hawaii”, Abraham’s operetta… Which, at the premiere, was conducted by the composer himself. This “gala performance” – as the impresarios hastened to announce – took place in the Vox-Eforie hall, where Tănase presented his performances” .

Rautu School in Ulzana
Colea Răutu – Ulzana 1973

Amazed by the world of theatre, he tried his luck after seeing an ad looking for singers and dancers. He presented himself and was admitted: “I was also used as a dancer, after a week of rehearsals I was promoted to the famous octet of diplomats. So I had a rollerblade!”.

Colea Răutu in his youth / Photo colored by the History of Romanians in Colors

People greeted him in the street, he answered them with respect

At the suggestion of Sică Alexandrescu, he performed at the National Theater in Bucharest. As befits a great artist, Colea Răutu was awarded the title of Emeritus Artist in 1962. Between 1952 and 1968 he performed at the Giulești Theater. He also performed for a short time at the Pitesti Theatre.

In the last years of her life, Colea Răutu often walked around the Roman Square in the Capital. He used to walk every day to the theater, or even to Amzei Square.

He lived in the Patria building, on the ground floor of which there is still a famous cinema, and he never missed a movie. He would take his wife and together they would enjoy the latest productions in this cinema. He liked Romanian and foreign films, as long as they were of good quality. And if he didn’t know either…

He was greeted by people in the street and responded to them, each time, with the same respect.

“Yes, definitely, I found prose theater more exciting than musical theatre. A richer, more diversified, more complete artistic adventure. And in order to make the most of what my new stage experiences offered me, I I was happy to also be able to play at the Bucharest National. In “Câteva palme false” I had the opportunity to transform myself into a former stuntman, and my admirable partner, Carmen Stănescu, to become a former make-up artist. “Cat on New Year’s Eve” put me in the position of a father whose son was Victor Rebengiuc, and this time brilliantly representing his generation, Colea Răutu also said about his life.

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