Rusescu is happy if Reghecampf returns to FCSB. “It would mean a lot for Steaua! / “Well, who did you play with today?”

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Rusescu is happy if Reghecampf returns to FCSB. “It would mean a lot for Steaua! / “Well, who did you play with today?”

The aggressor spoke, among other things, of the possibility for Laurentiu Reghecampf (46) to return to the FCSB.

“I’m happy for Steaua, I’m happy for him, I’m happy for everyone, that would mean a very, very good thing”Rusescu said.

At that moment, the journalist intervened: “Do you call Steaua and the league 1 team, FCSB?”.

Rusescu replied immediately: “Well, yes, she is the Star! ».

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“And who did you play with today?”, continues the journalist.

“With CSA”replied Rusescu dryly.

VIDEO with Raul Rusescu after Concordia – CSA Steaua 0-1

Laurentiu Reghecampf “insists on returning to the FCSB”. The coach’s plan, which has a clause of 500.00 euros at Neftci

Laurentiu Reghecampf (47) would like to part ways with Neftci Baku, a team with which he signed a two-year contract this summer, to return to Romania.

Azerbaijani publication Sportinfo writes that Laurentiu Reghecampf ‘insists on returning to FCSB’ and that the coach wants to end his contract with Neftci amicably.

Laurentiu Reghecampf has a termination clause of 500,000 euros in his contract with Neftci Baku, valid for both parties.

However, the coach hopes to reach an agreement with the management of Neftci so that the separation is done amicably.

FCSB, on the other hand, still lacks a head coach after the resignation of Nicolae Dică, and Gigi Becali has announced that he will install a new technician during the break for the World Cup groups.

The quoted source writes that Gigi Becali didn’t rush to appoint a new coach just to wait for Laurentiu Reghecampf to leave Neftci Baku.

Laurentiu Reghecampf would be in his third term at the FCSB

Laurentiu Reghecampf also formed the FCSB in two terms. The first, between June 2012 and May 2014, was very successful, with two titles won, a presence in the knockout stages of the Europa League and qualification for the groups of the UEFA Champions League.

Upon his return, produced in December 2015, Laurentiu Reghecampf failed to come close to the result of his first term and left in May 2017.

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