Russia would have swapped suicide drones with Iran. They traded $140 million and secret technology

Russia is said to have bartered with Iran last-minute weapons sent by allies and captured during the war. In return, they received a package of suicide drones.

Confidential information has become public, following revelations from a security source quoted by Sky News. According to her, on August 20, Russian representatives flew a plane to Iran, carrying $140 million in cash, but also some high-tech weapons of Western origin. These could be used by the Iranians for so-called “reverse engineering” – that is, dismantling and studying the technology, so that it can be copied and mass-produced.

The Russian military plane was secretly carrying the money and three models of ammunition – a British NLAW anti-tank missile, an American Javelin anti-tank missile and a Stinger anti-aircraft missile, at a Tehran airport in the early hours of August 20.

The weapons were part of a shipment of military equipment from the United Kingdom and the United States, intended for the Ukrainian army which “fell into the hands of the Russians”according to the anonymous source.

The source said Western weapons could give Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) the ability to study Western technology and possibly copy it.

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A 200 million euro deal followed

In return, Iran provided Russia with more than 160 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including 100 Shahed-136 drones, the source said. These are nicknamed “suicide drones” because they explode on impact.

The source claimed that Tehran and Moscow concluded another drone deal worth 200 million euros in recent days.

“This means that there will soon be another large supply of drones from Iran”concluded the quoted source.

The Iranian and Russian governments did not respond to reporters’ requests for comment.

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