She wasn’t the prettiest, but she had vino-ncoa’ and knew eight foreign languages. Marga Barbu suffered a heart attack, but she didn’t hesitate to do stunts and it was seen in the VIDEO

Marga Barbu was, at one time, dubbed “the Amazon of Romanian cinema” and for years she was Florin Piersic’s partner in some of the most beloved Romanian films.

Indeed, at the time, everyone had the impression that she was the girlfriend of Florin Piersic, because the alchemy between the two actors could be seen with the naked eye, in the films. In reality, they were just best friends.

While the Romanians continued to believe that a great love story was going on between them, Marga Barbu lived happily with the writer Eugen Barbu, her husband.

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Marga Barbu wanted to become a ballerina, but her health did not allow her

Marga Barbu was, in turn, Agatha, Zulnia and Ania, but the first time, before these roles, she was Margareta-Yvonne Butuc, a rather shy little girl who dreamed of becoming a ballerina.

He was born on February 24, 1929 in the town of Ocna Șugatag, Maramureș County, to a ballerina mother (hence the dream) and a father who, at the time, held the position of director of mines local salt.

“My only burst of exuberance was when I was 4. Then I caused a stir at a party reading verses for commercials. was delighted to see me imitate the guests perfectly”, testifies Marga Barbu, years later, in an interview.

Immediately after her family moved to Bucharest, the young Marga wanted with all her ardor to become a dancer, but a medical consultation will change her mind: her heart problems could have been fatal to her if she had subjected her body to such an effort. .

However, wanting to be active in the arts, immediately after graduating from high school, he enrolled in Theater, but also in Philosophy. At the theater, he is among the last, but he enters.

A graduate of the theater faculty, she became an actress in Notarra in 1950.

During her life, she married three times. First time at 21, with an engineer. The marriage did not last long, due to the mismatch of characters.

Later, the second marriage will keep her with actor Constantin Codrescu for five years. “Our marriage…wasn’t fulfilling for me. I have letters from him, in which he said that I was restricting his freedom, when I was only helping him, according to my powers. Meanwhile, he was also very ill,” the actress recalls.

During the divorce from Codrescu, Marga met the writer Eugen Barbu who, in turn, was going through a separation. “An extraordinary bridge of communication was established between us. I laughed at the same things and was happy that he had a definite sense of humor. If you can smile, you overcome life’s difficulties more easily,” the artist said of meeting her future husband.

Finally, Marga Barbu will play the role of Anita, invented by the mind of the writer.

Marga Barbu, with Florin Piersic

“She was modest, communicative, always smiling, beautiful… a normal person, without pretense, without pretensions”

Marga Barbu was, according to Florin Piersic, “modest, communicative, always smiling, beautiful… a normal person, without pretense, without pretense”.

The two would star together for years in the famous Romanian series of films about local outlaws and cowboys.

About the actress it is said that she did her own stunts.

During theater breaks, they occupy their time learning foreign languages ​​to train their brains. During his life he learned eight: Spanish, Italian, French, English, Hungarian, German, Greek and Japanese.

It also gave her a certain advantage in society, since whenever personalities speaking one of the known Marga languages ​​arrived in our country, she was invited to facilitate communication.

On March 31, 2009, at the age of 80, Marga Barbu was overcome by illness which did not allow her to become a dancer.

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