Shortage of doctors in the healthcare system Romania

The health system is facing a crisis of doctors, who often prefer to accept offers from abroad rather than stay in the country.

Statistical data presented by the trade unions show that the number of doctors working in Romania has almost halved over the past four years.

There is a crisis situation in Gorj and even in the Ambulance.

The management of the Gorj County Ambulance Service tried several times to hire two doctors specializing in emergencies, but given the acute crisis of medical personnel in certain specializations, no one wanted these positions.

Another problem that makes it almost impossible to co-opt new doctors is the fact that many seek work in hospitals or medical units abroad, already during their studies, and those who are already employed in the local health system do not don’t. reluctant to leave when they have a salary offer from outside the country.

“The Gorj ambulance service has an organization chart of 201 positions. Currently, we have 194 filled, so seven positions are vacant. As a structure, we have two vacant positions for doctors, one position for medical assistants, two positions for “paramedic and two It’s a more complicated procedure for doctors. We can’t advertise positions until they are published in Medical Life,” says Marinică Niculescu, head of the Jedețean Gorj ambulance service.

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