“Sign that they are superior”. How are things in the United States?

Thursday, November 24, 2022, 05:23

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In schools in Romania, the teacher enters the classroom most of the time after the students. The professor is expected, a sign that he is “superior”, writes psychologist Mihai Copăceanu on his Facebook page.

Whereas in American schools, it is the teachers who welcome the students. Research shows that when teachers wait for children, their school involvement increases by 20% and disruptive behaviors decrease, notes the psychologist.

In an interview for Ziare.com, psychologist Mihai Copăceanu explained how he sees the big picture.

The attitude of teachers is reflected in the reaction of students

“I liked the American study which focused on how teachers welcome children. I posted it on Facebook and received many comments from Romanian teachers who highlighted the following aspect .

If in America the teacher has the same class, that is to say he has his own class, in Romania for example, it happens that the pupils change class every hour, and this could explain why the pupils are already in the class when the physics, chemistry etc. teacher comes.

However, this is a sensitive issue, but we are referring to how the positive, smiling, charming and welcoming attitude of the teacher not only increases student engagement, but also decreases disruptive behaviors in the classroom. It is clear that the attitude of the teachers influences the attitude of the students”, explained Mihai Copăceanu.

Students take control of the teacher’s state

“At one point I was in 8th grade, in three different classes on the same day, and I did a little experiment. I entered each class with a different attitude. In my first 8th grade, I was excited, proof that even the children, in the first few minutes, shared my energy.

Then, in the second class, I had a deep and authoritative voice, and the students also bowed very seriously. In third grade, I had a neutral attitude, mixing the two types of approaches, and the students were also quite closed,” says the psychologist.

The teacher must be punctual

“I think we need a better mood from the teacher, a certain delight. The students are not just characters who have to have a fair position in front of the teacher.

However, this aspect is also true, that often, in many schools in Romania, teachers no longer enjoy the respect of students, on the contrary, they are sometimes attacked.

But we must remember that the positive attitude of the teacher, if he is punctual and many other things, greatly influences the student,” says Mihai Copăceanu.

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