“The voice of Romania”. Tudor Chirilă, impressive plea for a contestant who revealed his sexual orientation on stage VIDEO

On Friday’s edition of the Pro TV show, there was one of the most emotional moments so far, both for those on stage and for the coaches. Ionuț Panait (21) and Denisa Avram (18), from the team of Irina Rimes, had one of the most impressive and sensitive duets, to which the chosen song also … Read more

“The voice of Romania”. Tudor Chirilă thinks he took the winner from Irina Rimes. “God forgive! I haven’t heard of such a thing!” VIDEO

Two of the best voices of these editions clashed last night at “Vocea României”. One of them remained in Irina Rimes’ team, the other was saved by Tudor Chirilă. The first round of the “Vocea României” clashes brought great emotions, remarkable voices and exceptional moments to the stage of the Pro TV talent show on … Read more

Controversy after the decision of Irina Rimes of Vocea României! Smiley: “That seems unfair!”

Magda Suciu and Alexandrina Vlad, two competitors of Irina Rimes’ team gave rise to a series of controversies among the jurors of Vocea României, after their mentor decided to go ahead with Alexandrina. Tudor Chirilă, Smiley and Denis felt that Magda was more convincing on the Vocea României stage. Irina Rimes at the Voice of … Read more

Irina Rimes’ decision caused controversy at Vocea României! Smiley: “That seems unfair!”

The repeat duels at Vocea României didn’t even start well, as Irina Rimes generated a wave of criticism after the performance of two competitors from her team, Magda Suciu and Alexandrina Vlad. Mentor Irina Rimes was harshly criticized by both Tudor Chirilă and Smiley and Denis for the competition she bet on. The Vocea României … Read more