Atlantic Council: When should Ukraine sit down at the negotiating table?

On November 9, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson. It was a great and humiliating defeat for the Kremlin. However, both armies have a long winter ahead of them. And the changing weather will complicate offensive and defensive operations in the months ahead. Time is not on Kyiv’s … Read more

Another T-90M tank, Putin’s “pride”, destroyed by the Ukrainians who destroyed an armored column VIDEO

The Russian army lost another tank T-90M “ProrĂ®v”, considered the “pride” of the army of Vladimir Putin, which was destroyed in the middle of a convoy with other armored vehicles, reports the Ukrainian publication “Defence Express”. A video, allegedly filmed by Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, which recorded the destruction of Russian military equipment. The shooting … Read more

US General Robert E. Wheeler: Why Russia Fears the US Military Base at Deveselu in Romania / video

In the program “Obiectiv EuroAtlantic” produced by Tudor Curtifan, the famous American general Robert E. Wheeler was asked why he thinks that Russia fears the American military base of Deveselu in Romania? “Why do you think the Russian Federation is afraid of the American military base at Deveselu in Romania? We know that at Deveselu … Read more

Critical moment in the war launched by Russia. US Representative General Robert E. Wheeler: It’s a lot harder than we originally imagined

Photo by Pok Rie: In the program “Obiectiv EuroAtlantic” produced by Tudor Curtifan, the famous American general Robert E. Wheeler spoke about the energy crisis. “Speaking of the energy crisis, unfortunately, the Republic of Moldova is not so lucky. I think Moldova is much more vulnerable and Russia is waiting. Politically controlling the Republic … Read more

Putin is fighting for his life in Ukraine. “In Russia there is no forgiveness for countries that lose wars”

In Russia, morale is deteriorating more and more within the framework of an unjustified war in the eyes of many and with economic consequences which affect the daily life of the population. Russians increasingly unhappy with war, Putin on the ropes PHOTO Shutterstock A survey conducted in early November by the administration of the Russian … Read more

Representative of US General Robert E. Wheeler: This is the only way for Vladimir Putin to win if he continues the war / video

Romania is very close to the front line in Ukraine. We are only a few kilometers from Snake Island where fierce battles have taken place in recent months. The world is talking about the Russian nuclear threat, which is real. In the program “Obiectiv EuroAtlantic” produced by Tudor Curtifan, the famous American general Robert E. … Read more

Russia – Ukraine war. US Star Major General Robert E. Wheeler: I don’t think we should miss the opportunity for a negotiated peace / video

US Major General Robert E. Wheeler spoke to DefenseRomania and DC News about the threat to Romania’s border – the war started by Russia. The American general was asked if he thinks we will have peace negotiations and what the war will look like this winter. “Let’s start the discussion with the situation in Ukraine. … Read more