Russia – Ukraine war. US Star Major General Robert E. Wheeler: I don’t think we should miss the opportunity for a negotiated peace / video

US Major General Robert E. Wheeler spoke to DefenseRomania and DC News about the threat to Romania’s border – the war started by Russia. The American general was asked if he thinks we will have peace negotiations and what the war will look like this winter. “Let’s start the discussion with the situation in Ukraine. … Read more

On the coast of Russia. Allied ships and aircraft carriers have taken control of Europe VIDEO

An arsenal of five aircraft carriers and their battle groups from four different NATO countries, including the mighty USS Gerald R. Ford, on its first real mission, is currently operating across Europe NATO ships operate together across Europe US Navy/Communication Specialist 1st Class Ian Cotter For the first time, NATO is deploying five battleship groups … Read more

LIVE TEXT | War in Ukraine. The first snow and new missile attacks. Explosions in Crimea

It is the 267th day since the start of the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says he has received signals from the West that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin wants direct negotiations with kyiv. New Russian missile attacks took place on Thursday morning, the first day of snow in Ukraine. In addition, new … Read more

What weapons systems did the Americans send to Ukraine? The huge sum spent by the United States to help Kyiv

The Pentagon announced that HAWK air defense system missiles, along with four Avenger air defense systems and Stinger missiles, were being sent to Ukraine as part of new military aid of up to $400 million. Sistem MIM-23 HAWK Photo by: Army Pfc. Nicolas Vido Due to Russia’s continued air attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, additional air … Read more