The young Putin and the repression of the demonstrations. Details of the Kremlin leader’s involvement in suppressing protest art during the USSR: “You can crucify freedom…”

New information has emerged about current Russian President Vladimir Putin’s early career as a KGB officer. A St. Petersburg historian has found a document showing that the head of the Kremlin participated in the investigation of one of the first cases of protest art in the USSR, reports Meduza. The slogan created by the two … Read more

Where could Putin hide if he launched a nuclear attack? Three bunkers at the disposal of the head of the Kremlin

Since the early days of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, Russian politico-military leaders and Kremlin propaganda channels have been threatening kyiv with attacks on its decision-making centers. Moreover, from time to time, the Russian dictator explicitly threatens the whole world with nuclear attacks, claiming that this is not a bluff. Vladimir Putin, an increasingly isolated … Read more

Putin is fighting for his life in Ukraine. “In Russia there is no forgiveness for countries that lose wars”

In Russia, morale is deteriorating more and more within the framework of an unjustified war in the eyes of many and with economic consequences which affect the daily life of the population. Russians increasingly unhappy with war, Putin on the ropes PHOTO Shutterstock A survey conducted in early November by the administration of the Russian … Read more

Representative of US General Robert E. Wheeler: This is the only way for Vladimir Putin to win if he continues the war / video

Romania is very close to the front line in Ukraine. We are only a few kilometers from Snake Island where fierce battles have taken place in recent months. The world is talking about the Russian nuclear threat, which is real. In the program “Obiectiv EuroAtlantic” produced by Tudor Curtifan, the famous American general Robert E. … Read more