Atlantic Council: When should Ukraine sit down at the negotiating table?

On November 9, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson. It was a great and humiliating defeat for the Kremlin. However, both armies have a long winter ahead of them. And the changing weather will complicate offensive and defensive operations in the months ahead. Time is not on Kyiv’s … Read more

Battle for Bahmut: How Ukrainian soldiers combine old Soviet artillery with innovative warfare to stop the Russians

Along the eastern front, in underground command centers screened by metal doors, Ukrainian soldiers direct artillery fire in a desperate attempt to halt the Russian advance on the town of Bahmut. Their combat environment is a life-size proving ground for innovative 21st century warfare, CNN writes. Russian forces are trying to capture the city of … Read more

Who are the “Black Russians”, the clandestine recruits that the Wagner group allegedly abandoned in Ukraine

The Russian paramilitary group Wagner abandoned dozens of former Central African Republic (CAR) rebels in Ukraine’s Donbass region after recruiting them to fight in Vladimir Putin’s war, two former fighters told the Daily Beast. The Wagner Group searched prisons for recruits for the war in Ukraine PHOTO Telegram Sources in CAR, who were recruited by … Read more

The widow of the Russian colonel who allegedly committed suicide by five bullets sent an open letter to Putin

The widow of a colonel who allegedly committed suicide after being tasked with managing the new recruits mobilized has written an open letter to Vladimir Putin asking him to investigate the death of her husband, reports the independent Russian portal Meduza. The Russian colonel was responsible for training new recruits for the war in Ukraine … Read more

Another T-90M tank, Putin’s “pride”, destroyed by the Ukrainians who destroyed an armored column VIDEO

The Russian army lost another tank T-90M “Prorîv”, considered the “pride” of the army of Vladimir Putin, which was destroyed in the middle of a convoy with other armored vehicles, reports the Ukrainian publication “Defence Express”. A video, allegedly filmed by Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers, which recorded the destruction of Russian military equipment. The shooting … Read more

Old anti-aircraft artillery takes on new importance on the Ukrainian battlefield

Since Russia’s attack in February, warplanes, missiles and drones have flooded Ukraine’s airspace, and both sides have turned to old-fashioned anti-aircraft guns to bolster their defenses. Old anti-aircraft artillery has been brought back to life in an effort to shoot down slower, low-flying drones, Insider reports. The war in Ukraine is dominated by artillery and … Read more

Where could Putin hide if he launched a nuclear attack? Three bunkers at the disposal of the head of the Kremlin

Since the early days of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, Russian politico-military leaders and Kremlin propaganda channels have been threatening kyiv with attacks on its decision-making centers. Moreover, from time to time, the Russian dictator explicitly threatens the whole world with nuclear attacks, claiming that this is not a bluff. Vladimir Putin, an increasingly isolated … Read more

Russia could be betrayed by General Winter. Frost, a double-edged sword for Ukrainians

General Iarna, a traditional Russian ally, could switch sides this winter, while the Ukrainians could have General Degerături on their side, reports Politico. Armored personnel carriers in Kharkiv before the Russian invasion PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK Russian President Vladimir Putin can no longer count on his old ally in the current circumstances, where frost is more enemy … Read more

Putin is fighting for his life in Ukraine. “In Russia there is no forgiveness for countries that lose wars”

In Russia, morale is deteriorating more and more within the framework of an unjustified war in the eyes of many and with economic consequences which affect the daily life of the population. Russians increasingly unhappy with war, Putin on the ropes PHOTO Shutterstock A survey conducted in early November by the administration of the Russian … Read more

Ukrainians are fighting for Cape Kinburn: “Even nature drains the enemy from this territory”

The Ukrainian army has confirmed rumors that it will carry out an operation to liberate Cape Kinburn, a strategic territory that opens to the south of the Kherson region and the Crimean peninsula. Google Maps capture of the Cape Kinburn area The first rumors of the operation to liberate Cape Kinburn, which belongs to the … Read more