The anti-tobacco law… advantages and disadvantages | Romania

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President Klaus Iohannis today signed into law the law banning smoking in enclosed public spaces. The bill was adopted in December by the Chamber of Deputies, as the decision-making body, and will enter into force 45 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

From then on, smoking will be banned in all public spaces, with the exception of prisons and airports, where designated smoking areas will be set up.

The normative act had been challenged in the Constitutional Court, but the judges established two days ago that it complies with the Basic Law.

Today at the RRA, the program PROBLEM LA ZI is devoted to this subject: The anti-tobacco law, opinion for and against.

Guests in the studio: Dr. Magdalena Ciobanu – specialist in pulmonology at the “Marius Nasta” Institute, coordinator of the national smoking cessation program, Ioana Tomuş – United Youth Association and Romanian Youth Forum, members of the Romania Coalition Respiră (representing the association of more than 250 NGOs that supported the anti-tobacco initiative) and, by telephone, MP Aurelia Cristea – the initiator of the anti-tobacco law, Senator Cristiana Anghel, Cezar Filip – the owner of a restaurant recently closed, in particular due to the application of anti-smoking provisions, Cătălin Voitici – the manager of a restaurant * VOX in various clubs with customers and administrator directed by Alex Buzică * Correspondence from Holland – Claudia Marcu and from Italy – Elena Postelnicu.

Producer Victor Caraculacu. Director Alexandra Andon.

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